Passwords for dating websites

Researchers at the Netcraft Internet security blog discovered 862 phishing scripts making the rounds at popular sites, and only eight of them targeted banks.MORE: 10 Best Dating Apps The scripts themselves run fairly standard phishing scams.Surprisingly, only seven of them passed the security screening.Those seven were Christian Mingle, OK Cupid, Black People Meet, Outime, Adoptuen mec and Zoosk.It is now clear that people who date online, should definitely be concerned about what information they are sharing on the websites and how that would affect their lives if that data was hacked and released to the public.The fact is that most dating websites do not offer adequate security measures and it is only a matter of time until it is being hacked.In fact, in a recent study by Dashlane, it was found that there are websites that offer one letter passwords, which is basically an invitation for hackers to attack their accounts and steal user’s information.

News broke earlier this week about how an unnamed hacker allegedly put tens of millions of passwords up for sale on the underground forum Hell.

When users enter their login information, it goes into the hands of malefactors.

The phishers can then log into users' dating profiles, change the password and lock legitimate users out.

Interestingly, there are similarities here with what was found at Ashley Madison - which also failed to do any kind of email verification for new accounts.

And, like Ashley Madison (which was allegedly riddled with fembots to lure male users into paying for an account) there appear to have been millions of fake accounts on Mate1 too.