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The way to get unstuck here is to develop your ability at judging whether there’s a fit between you and potential partners.It’s also vital to be proactive in making new connections, to be kind in letting people go when they’re not suitable, and to be emotionally resilient when rejected; you’ll find resilience far easier with a supportive friend or dating buddy.

Now, you may be the exception to the rule – for all I know, you communicate with only one man at a time and wouldn’t even consider writing an email to a new man if you were already in correspondence with another. If you’ve ever struggled with the online dating process – and wondered why men do what they do online – I’ve answered all of your questions and more. Talking This is the stage when it’s established that you both have some level of attraction towards each other.You have exchanged numbers and Snapchats and are starting to get to know each other, but you might be talking to other people, too.Initially, your task will be to search for possible partners. As we’ve said before, when viewing profiles, bear in mind that most potential partners will rarely know how to put together an accurate or interesting profile – unless they too have been coached. So make (some) allowance for profiles that are boring, repetitious, or badly-written.Instead, read between the lines and try to interpret who the person really is.