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I even used my mother’s leather purse to make amulets.

For instance, today I’ve got the Romany wheel stitched on my back, and a patch with Tzigan, the Russian word for Gypsy, on my arm.

In addition to acting in the film, Hutz contributed to the script and will lend his music to soundtrack for the movie, which is expected to debut next year at Sundance.

as I’m not so premium with it.” He did ask some highly unusual questions about accounting at the time.

He claims that he improved the band’s musicianship and finances, should be paid more for royalties, and that Hutz somehow “tricked other band members into signing ‘consent forms’ to kick Kaplan out of the group,” according to the 0,000 to be paid to the other members of Gogol, though they are Kaplan’s accountant reportedly discovered the shady dealings in a 2012 audit, but it’s unclear whether that happened before or after he left the band after a 12-year tenure.

Hütz and the rest of the band (who are probably a little concerned at the moment) have yet to comment.

A former guitarist for the band Gogol Bordello is suing frontman Eugene Hütz, alleging that the vocalist swindled money from the rest of the band through trickery, and used unfair methods to fire him from the band.

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There is absolutely nothing like it.” The band, which formed in 1999, expects to release new music in the fall.The thing that keeps the band together is a common love of performance.“The core of loving the tour is in the actual live performance.“Every record we make is a world of its own,” said Hutz. The band is made up of a group of firebrand musicians from across the globe who just happened to cross paths in New York City.The band’s latest project was recorded in Washington D. While band members come and go, and come back again, the current lineup includes musicians from Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ukraine, The United States and Scotland.